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Office furniture colors should be how to match

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Selection of office furniture styles, its color collocation is also very important, you know, the color also has its own character and style, make different color "you help me, I help you, we can change the dull atmosphere of the office, with a riot of colours of the rich.

Warm tone of office furniture gives a warm, lively, warm feeling, but also make things feel larger, less space, so it is not suitable for a small sense of space, furniture layout compact space.

Cool colors give people a cool, gentle, solemn feeling, it will look smaller items, the sense of space is more spacious, cold colors apply to the smaller space.

Neutral tone to a person with a serious, rational feeling, you can match with any color, the availability of a wide range of.

Here are a few of the more widely used office furniture colors:

The modern office furniture is about 5 colors: black, grey, brown, dark red and blue. Usually, different kinds of gray for desk; black, brown for the boss chairs and room tables and chairs; blue and red for office chair. Because blue is elegant, not blind; red is grave, lively; black, brown always give dignified sense, use them to decorate the meeting room, will induce you to focus on.

In the office, each color has its own language, it will be to your colleagues and customers to convey a certain psychological information. For example, black gives the feeling of loneliness, but there is also a kind of noble and dignified; brown make people feel, but different concentrations of Brown not only the old dark, will produce a fine red powder; too obtrusive, and if the quiet cool tune, to show the young and lively; this yellow clay too plain, and if the happy warm hand, it is easy to show their elegant.

Give a person with blue purple with blue quiet feeling; magenta make people feel bright; Jiangzi with pale blue is elegant; with the pink white convey youthful dark brown with pale yellow; can make you look more mature; with grave black gray with black; Zhu Hong can attract each other's attention; the dark green with brown collocation blue with light blue is natural; feel at ease; as for the bright yellow with black, can give people the beauty of jumping.
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